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Tweet Some Shit!

Ever wanted to Tweet something completely anonymously? Or tell someone something without them knowing? Just want to get something off your chest? How about tell the world a secret you’ve been hiding forever?

Introducing TweetSomeShit. This is a homegrown idea straight from the minds of the RasiFranks Team. Go to and type in anything you want and submit! All submissions will be kept up and kept secret as to who submitted. So go on check it out! Feel free to Tweet anything, about any subject, to us, to the world, to anyone and anything, and we won’t touch it or modify it or delete it. We’ll let you. ;)


Have fun and enjoy!

Top 15 Best Android Apps

You’re here to find out the best apps out there right now, right? Good, ’cause you’re in for my top 15 Best Android Apps! Everywhere from games to productivity and everything in between.

A little background…
I’ve owned my Epic 4g for a few months now and wanted to really give you guys some insight into the best apps on the Android market (in my opinion of course). I’m a huge Android fan and have spent countless hours playing with my phone, downloading apps, playing with the apps functions and uses, uninstalling apps, re-installing apps, apping apps…just everything apps :) . Anyways, in the end these are my top 15 apps and I do have a bunch more I like and use but for the most part these are the ones that help me through my everyday life. Enjoy.

15. Folder Organizer – Free
Really cool app with too many features to even tell you about. One of my favorite things to do with this is to create shortcuts for apps or specific functions like calling a contact and changing icons and icon names. Perfect for full customization on appearance of your apps as well as sorting and finding. Also a new interface makes it a little sleeker to use than the old Folder Organizer.

14. Mixzing – Free with ads $6.99 for full version with tagging and widget locker
Android stock app for sorting and listening to music isn’t all that bad, but Mixzing is all that good ;) . Just a really nice UI and easy to use. Has homescreen widget with album art, a graphic equalizer and can even download missing album art. Also another pretty cool feature is it can recommend other songs you may like (actually pretty accurate). Definitely check it out.

13. AIM – Free
Pretty good app considering AOL/AIMs life in the last decade. Integrates Facebook Chat and does so fairly well so there’s not one conversation with any one friend or co-worker you ever need to miss. Gives nice tabs at the top for easy viewing that go between “IMs”, “Buddy List”, “Lifestream” and “Me”.

12. Angry Birds – Free with Ads
As of right now close to one of my most used apps behind Handcent SMS and LauncherPro (which neither of them are ever closed). It’s a very fun and addictive game. You launch birds using a slingshot at makeshift buildings housing the “pigs” that took their eggs, to try and destroy them. The new version has 150 levels. Throughout the game you get to use birds with all different abilities, like going super fast or separating into 3 and even blowing up like a bomb. Really fun especially when you know someone else with the game, comparing high scores can be really entertaining, especially when you do better. ;)

11. Dolphin Browser – Free
I mostly use the stock browser I’m not going to lie, but that’s only because I got used to that one first and so quickly. I don’t have the time to learn another thing on my phone right now, but when I do it will definitely be the Dolphin browser (unless FireFox comes out with their browser for Android soon!). The Dolphin browser has nice tabs at the top and also has a nice feature where you can swipe to the right and see all your bookmarks or swipe left and see all your plugins for the app. Some of the plugins are really nice, others just for show. For instance, I have ScreenCut which lets me take a picture of the whole webpage I’m viewing at the time. Pretty nice app, especially for free with lots of potential for the future.

10. – Free
Have money? Need money? Need to keep track of your money to have money? Haha, then this is what you need (and what I need). Set up a profile online at and you can mess with 100s of different options to set up everything to do with your budgeting. From there you can take a quick glance at your budgets in this app. See how much you’ve spent this month (in all different categories, my top ones are food and gas, I travel a lot and apparently eat a lot too) and see how much you have left to spend in the month. Syncs with credit card, bank accounts, and even Paypal accounts for an easy efficient way to view all your accounts at once.

9. SpareParts – Free
Great app for taking care of all the little things that Android doesn’t provide you with right out of the box. For instance it lets you adjust things such as window animation speeds, haptic feedback, wifi sleep policy and many more. Also great for checking your battery usage, history and information. Very useful when needing to keep a close eye on your battery. ;)

8. Shootme – Free
Shake your phone and take a screenshot of whatevers on the screen. Simple as
that. Saves to its own folder in Gallery and is the best screenshot app I’ve used. Others have weird coloration to them. One suggestion hold the phone upside down to take the pictures, sometimes when shaking the screen orientation with flip and the screenshot won’t be of what you want. Holding the phone upside down will alleviate any screen flipping ;) .

7. PicSay Pro – $2.99 Available Free with less options
Really cool image editing app that lets you do so many things you wont be able to take full advantage! You have the options of adding word balloons, titles, stickers, and effects. Within each of these options comes a slew of different choices. Effects alone has 49 different choices and each choice is nicely adjusted using a nice slide + or – bar at the bottom. The stickers come with pretty fun stuff if you’re in the mood for just messing around and playing with pictures like sunglasses, hats, halloween things (for the season ;) ) and a lot of other cool things…just check out the screenshots.

6. Gtasks – Free with ads
I’ve tried a few different task list apps and out of them all this ended up being my favorite. Astrid was another good app and so is SpringPad you can check those out because in the end its all up to the user. But for me Gtasks takes the cake for the simpler UI for making tasks and the fact it can sync with Gmail. For me its always the little things that matters and the fact that I can have multiple task lists and swipe from left to right to view them is really nice. Gtasks also has a decent widget that displays either one list or all list depending on which option you choose.

5. AppBrain – Free with ads
Pretty much a GPS for the “hard to navigate” Android market (which I must say is getting a little better). Easily sort apps based on a variety of different criteria including “all time popular” “hot apps today”, “highest rated” and much more. Also, sort by category such as “social” or ”arcade and action” just to list a few and easily filter between options like “free” “paid” or “new”. It’s a must have if you’re always in the market for new apps, literally.

4. Shazam Encore – $2.99 Free version with limited tags a month
I don’t know if you’re into music, but I am. If you haven’t already heard of this or seen it and you like music even a little bit (which everyone does) then you will love this app. Whenever a song is playing hit this app and it will listen to the song and tell you exactly what song it is within 15-20 seconds giving you a list of options to choose from such as “lyrics”, “Tour info”, “SMS”, “Email”, and the list goes on. Tag as many songs as you want in the paid version, you’re only allowed 7 a month in the free version which right now I’m just a bit over 50 this month and I’m only about 20 days in. It saves all your tags in a nice order to be able to sort through them later. Great for keeping track of songs you like and want to buy later.

3. Titanium Backup Pro – Needs donation of at least $3.99 free version with less options
This is only for rooted phones but I thought I’d include it just because its essential to any rooted phone and for me one of the main reasons I even rooted my phone to begin with. Here we have, essentially, the mother of all apps. In this app you can take care of any app in any way you want. You can delete apps from bloatware to Android system applications. I got it because my phone was getting bad battery life due to some Sprint service always running in the background. I got Titanium backup and got rid of it and since my battery has gone up approximately 30 – 40%. Great also for “freezing” apps, this means the app is still in your system just not running or able to be seen but can be “defrosted” at any point to use again later. Also, backs up all app data to your SD card in case of any problems with your phone or reinstalling an app later, to re-instate your old data.

2. Handcent SMS – Free
Ever played with an iPhone and like the little word bubbles they have in each text conversation? Tired of looking at the stock messaging on Android, trying to differentiate between texts? Definitely give Handcent SMS a try! Check out the new updates they’ve put up and see all the options of adding attachments. Highly functional, one of the top used apps I own. Options like choosing multiple texts or multiple conversations to delete. You can search through all the texts you have for certain words or phrases for quick reference. Settings to adjust notifications, send and recieve settings to the style of conversation (theme, skin, bubble, etc.).

1. LauncherPro – $2.99 free with less options
The Number One App for ME! One of the best home screen UIs out. Compare to ADWlauncher or HTC’s SenseUI or Samsungs TouchWiz. You will be very happy with this app. An essential app to anyone new to Android and unhappy with the UI on their phone. Very smooth, with tons of customizable options and updates to fix any problems you might have. Lots of cool extras that you will never get tired of enjoying. Trust me! Without LauncherPro I was skeptical of my Galaxy S purchase until I found out about this app. Perfect!

Please comment and let me know what your favorite apps are! I’d love to hear and am ALWAYS in the mood for installing new apps! :) Thanks.


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