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RasiFranks Media Gets a Forbes Mention

Hey all! It’s been so long since our last post (almost 10,000 visitors and nearly 40 comments! Thanks for the support and interest in us – we plan on entertaining you indefinitely!) :)

We’ve been pretty busy here at RFM. All of a sudden we had people contacting us for more information on our services saying they saw us on Forbes: $240 To Place Story On Digg Front Page: One Marketing Firm’s Pitch (Part I). We contacted Ms. Elizabeth Woyke, the writer of the original article, clarifying some of common misconceptions of Social Media Marketing that were written about, we got this response: Digg Manipulator RasiFranks Responds (Part II)

We love getting written about; it really allows us to see what the internet crowd’s conception of us is. However, what we don’t love is leaving things unanswered; at the end of Part II Woyke asks us…

In other words, the ends justify the means and the ends… But what if readers aren’t glad they read that story—in fact, would not have clicked on it without the artificial promoting work? And what about the communities at digg, reddit, StumbleUpon and other social media sites? Should we believe that they would approve of RasiFranks’ engineering if they were aware of the machinations behind the scenes? Judging from the irate email I received yesterday from a reddit user, I’d say: absolutely not. RasiFranks may know how to drive traffic and generate attention, but it appears to lack answers to these basic questions.

So, rather than emailing again our response is here: despite what we do we still believe that the reason social media is such an amazing and powerful thing is that it plain and simply puts the all power into the hands of the users. If we get a piece of content on the front page that gets lots of positive votes, then doesn’t that HAVE to mean that most people are happy? If we get a piece of content up on the front page and it’s NOT awesome then can’t people just bury it? The answer is yes and yes. With the social networks we promote on, once something gets enough negative votes it gets removed forever, which means no benefit for our clients. So what do we do in response to get around that? We make only entertaining content that does make people happy. It’s the only way it makes sense and is the only we can make our clients happy, ourselves happy, and the public communities on the entire social web happy.

Nonetheless we are more than happy to help shed a little glimpse into the world of social media marketing. And we are always available to give out secrets to those who seek it! – We encourage you, our reader, to engage us on our phones, emails, and in our own bedrooms if you so wish. So tell us, do you feel as though social media marketing is wrong on any level? Why? Let us know in the comments below!


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