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Picturen Lite, Android App of the Day!

Android App of the Day: Picturen Lite

Picturen Lite QR Code

So, on to our next installment which is December 22nd’s App of the day, without further ado I give you Picturen Lite.

This is essentially supposed to be a replacement for Android’s native “Gallery” app however it has a bit of a way to go before it can completely wipe out any use of Gallery. Let’s take a look at the basics and the little nooks and crannies of the app. To start off it displays albums in a vertical fashion instead of the Gallery’s horizontal way. With a slide scroll to go up and down through the albums. From here you can choose an album or can hit the options button and see a few more choices including: Share, Sort, Upload List, Accounts, and Settings.

Share: Allows you to share albums, this option isn’t available in the free version (and the full version isn’t out yet). With this option you’ll be able to share  with your favorite application including a new one that comes with Picturen Lite called “Social Network Uploader”. This will essentially be an “All-in-one” uploader so to speak, that will be able to upload to all your favorite social networks at once. The only one preprogrammed is Picasa with no option to program any more at this moment (again I’m assuming it will come with the full version).

Sort: Allows you to sort your albums by “Latest to oldest”, “Oldest to Latest” and “alphabetically”.

Upload List: Shows the uploads you have at the moment

Accounts: Lets you set up your “Social Network Accounts” the only one available in this option right now is Picasa, with Flickr and Facebook available soon

Settings: Lets you adjust “default upload size”, “way to zoom” (which has a cool option to double tap and then drag to zoom in on pictures, also pinch to zoom or both), “albums default sorting” and “photos default sorting”

Once you click on an album the pictures begin to load fairly quick. The problem with this is its hard to scroll quickly to the end or middle of the pictures depending on how many you have in an album. For instance in the Gallery app you can use the scroll on the bottom to quickly slide to either right or left quickly but scrolling up and down is a bit more lengthy in this app.

Other than that the app seems to work perfectly. Once thing I really love about this app is when you go to “share” a box pops up that allows you to scroll up and down through your options of where to share to. On my Epic I know there’s been a lot of flack about when we go to share we can only see about 8 of our options and the top ones get cut off with no ability to scroll up to see them. We’re forced to delete apps so we’re able to see the options we want to share to. Luckily all my favorite share apps are at the bottom so I;m not one that has to delete apps but still this little option makes things a whole lot easier for us Epic users (and I think the rest of the Galaxy S series phone users as well).

I know a few months ago I was really searching all over to find a replacement for my Gallery app because it was being really choppy and not loading pictures (which for some reason it started to work better), but in any case I couldn’t find anything else worth using. Had this app been out at the time I would have easily settled for this. With a very nice ground work for an upcoming Gallery replacement and a lot of promises to improve I would definitely say this has done and will do exactly what it should now and in the future.


My Rating for Picturen Lite

Oh!Quotes, Android App of the Day!

Ok, so this is the beginning of a new upcoming section here on RasiFranks called “App of the Day”. This is how its going to be run. I (Adam) will be searching and scowering through new apps each and every day on the Android platform. I’ll go through all “Just In”s in the market and all “New”s in AppBrain (since I’m pretty fond of that compared to the market) and picking out the best one I can for the day. I’m considering adding an honorable mention at the end of each post as well that will consist of any app I want whether it be old, new, borrowed, or blue I don’t care. Hey this is my blog post, I’ll do what I want. :)

Anyways, so starts todays post. Today I downloaded and tested a good 15 apps coming to the conclusion people put some pretty bad apps out. But I’ll go easy on them a lot of them came bearing the “1.0″ tags. So, after wasting all my time downloading, trying, and eventually un-installing, I ended up with 1 fine little app. Now, before I continue, I will say this “App of the Day” is in no way based around any specific genre of app (aka comics, puzzles, games, communication, etc.). So todays app of the day is (if I haven’t already spoiled it in the title) “Oh!Quotes”.

Oh!Quotes QR Code

Oh!Quotes is a database of all different types of quotes you can skim through, especially good for making status updates on Facebook. :) The UI is fairly simple, seems to be well rounded, and not to choppy or too cheezy.  As you can see in the pictures below you can scroll up and down to pick from a number of different categories for whatever mood or emotion your feeling.

The list is in alphabetical order and its goes as follows:

Age, Anger, Art, Business, Change, Computers, Death, Dreams, Education, Equality, Experience, Faith, Forgiveness, Friendship, Funny, Government, History, Humor, Imagination, Intelligence (has a picture of the Android robot), Life, Love, Marriage, Movies, Music, Nature, Patriotism, Peace, Poetry, Politics, Religion, Science, Society, Sports, Success, Technology, Time, War, and finally Wisdom.

So you can see there’s a pretty good amount of choices here. As far as features it has pretty much anything and everything you could want in a quote app. For instance you can go to any category and you have a choice of options at the bottom: Last, Star, Share, or Next. Here you can choose to go to the last quote, the next quote, put the quote in your starred category or share it over any share method you have on your phone (Facebook, Gmail, SMS, etc.).

At the top of the main page you’ll see a star, a dice, and a little open envelope. Click the star and see all of your starred apps, click the dice and get a random app from any category or click the envelope and send Oh!Quotes your own quote complete with a nickname that the developer says will be included in later releases.

There is ads at the bottom of the quote pages however it doesn’t get in the way or is too eye catching and annoying like some other apps.


Based on what the app is supposed to do and what it does do it’s pretty accurate. If you’re looking for a nice simple app that you can choose from a number of different quotes and categories and even random quotes if you’re undecided as to what mood you’re in, this is the app for you. The only thing they may be able to improve on is the number of quotes and maybe add some sort of “Top Rated Quotes” section or a “New Quotes” section so users can see what quotes other users like or what quotes are new. But overall, nicely put together and perfect for what I was looking for.

Thanks for reading and tune in tomorrow when we cover our next app! What will it be? I don’t even have any idea yet. :)

I’ll end with a quote:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mohandus Ghandi


I give it to a Live Wallpaper I installed the other day that seems to be working great on my Epic. You can see it in the background of the image below (along with is QR code). Its called “Snowfall Live Wallpaper” by KittehFace Software. Has a a good amount of features and personalization. Great for the winter season! Anyways, enjoy and happy apping!

Snowfall Live Wallpaper and QR Code


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