Welcome to the RasiFranks Blog!

If you’ve made your way onto this page, you’re interested in learning about our company or our blog – and if it’s another reason then…. well, now you’re just messing with the space-time continuum and we’re going to have to ask you to turn back before it’s too late…. Continuing, to quickly answer the first, RasiFranks is simply about all things marketing and business consulting. If you or your company is looking to market a website, a product, or literally anything else, either online or offline, we can help.

:D Now for the fun side of us – RasiFranks the blog was set up because our staff members have way too many thoughts to be keeping inside our heads while we work. In order to stay focused sometimes we feel the need to tell the world about those thoughts, and we do so in the form of keeping this blog updated.

Through our promotions online we stumble upon endless awesome and amazing content that we believe is relevant to our website, service, and core values, and thus we post them. So for some words of wisdom, browse and enjoy, let the X destroy your spinal cord, so it’s not a straight line no more, so we walk around lookin’ like some windup dolls, shit stickin’ out of our backs like a dinosaur, shit six hits won’t even get me high no more, so bye for now we’re gonna try to find some more at RasiFranks…


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